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Our Model




We want to get to know you and your company. We sit down and figure out what your "why" is, and what marketing technique best fits with your vision and goals. Then we build a social media strategy based off this.



We build a brand that fits you and your desires, everything from logo creation to brand colors. Then we set up your account(s), start creating content, and build out a social media calendar to follow. Then we begin posting!



We want your social media to be more than numbers, we want it to be a community! Watch as your engagement grows and your account begins to stand out. Find what content your followers like and what they don't to keep them informed and wanting more.

Social Media Management

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3 month minimum

3 creative and original posts a week on Facebook & Instagram to inform and build interest in your business

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3 month minimum

After each of the 3 posts, we follow through on strategy-based Public Relations, to grow your loyal group



3 month minimum

Plus benefits + reach your entire community through advertisements intricately formed around you 

Social Media Advertising

Have you considered advertising on social media, but not sure where to start?

We cahelp. 


We work with you to create ads that work dynamically with social media algorithms. 


Once approved, we schedule ads based on demographic details geared towards your product.


Report reach, impressions, clicks and more on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Website Design/Social Media Ads

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Website Design

We create your domain, design a website unique to you or your company, and use specific SEO to maximize outreach.

Professional Portfolio Development

Portfolio Web Design, Personal Portfolio, Professional

We use your experience and passions to create an online portfolio that gives you a leg up in job searches.

Professional Portfolio Development

Presentation is Everything

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