Casual Meeting



Let's get to know you and/or your company! We sit down and figure out what marketing technique fits your company best!




We set up your account(s), start creating within the next week, all of which you have the ability to control.

Colleagues Working Together



See your engagement grow as your account begins to stand out. Keep people informed to keep them coming back and wanting more! Also, be featured on our community page as our clients work together to make united efforts!

Step-by-Step (For all services)

Social Media Management

Keyboard and Mouse

Have a Design Customized to You & Your Business

iphone, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Major social media, small business necessities


3 month minimum

3 creative and original posts a week on Facebook & Instagram to inform and build interest in your business

Creative Work, 2 platform, small business package, Facebook and Instagram


3 month minimum

After each of the 3 posts, we follow through on strategy-based Public Relations, to grow your loyal group

Social network concept, 3 platform, social media management, Wide Variety


3 month minimum

Plus benefits + reach your entire community through advertisements intricately formed around you 

Website Design/Social Media Ads

Ads, Social Media, Platform advertising

Social Media Ads

Run ads on any platform! Price varies

Professional Portfolio Development

We use your experience and passions to create an online portfolio that gives you a leg up in job searches.

Professional Portfolio Development

Presentation is Everything